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Forum Introduction  


The 11th CHITEC
International Forum on Innovation and Development of High-tech Enterprises

–Annual Conference of Leaders in the world of Business and Academia

Time:  May 21-22, 2008
Venue: Great Hall of the People / Beijing International Conference Center, China
Theme: Cooperation for innovation and harmony for joint success

Keynote: Accelerating harmonious development of Chinese economy and the world’s economy, taking “Cooperation for innovation and harmony for joint success” as its theme; With an aim at building up a harmonious world and achieving sustainable development; the changed growth mode of Chinese economy creates integration of informationization and industrialization; scien-tech innovation promotes energy saving and emission reduction; strengthening international cooperation in the field of new energy and renewable energy;

The main purpose of this Forum is to share China’s development business opportunities with the world, hold hands to make contributions to sustainable development of global economy, expand cooperation channels, rich cooperation content, widen cooperation mode, push forward economic globalization to develop sustainably with common benefit and joint success; and create a new glorious history of common development both of the world and China.

Guest speakers:
Some of the most influential international and political figures, Chinese ministers, provincial governors and mayors closely related to the economic development, CEOs of the World 500 Top Enterprises, the future business and academic leaders, and the elite of the industry

1. Keynote speech at opening ceremony
Theme:Cooperation for innovation and harmony for joint success——grabbing impulse of development, starting engine to push forward economic growth
2. Ministers and World 500 Top Enterprises CEO conference
Theme1:“Grabing opportunities of information innovation-- starting engine to push forward economic growth of enterprises”
Theme2:“From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’”
Theme3: Improving innovation ability and constructing a creative nation
3. The provincial governors and mayors with the world business and academic leaders
Theme1: Scien-tech innovation promotes energy saving and emission reduction;
Theme2: Scien-tech innovation speeds up development of new energy, renewable energy and clean energy
4. Keynote speech
Theme1:A new start:Carrying on transformation of global industry and financial capital
Theme2: Constructing a ecological district, promoting cooperative development
Theme 3: Financial reform and innovation promotes development of high-tech enterprises
5. Special session of business elites
Theme1: Jointly building up a high-tech China-Singapore ecological city in China
Theme2: Special session for promotion of scien-tech park
Theme 3: Special session for promotion of transnational enterprises
6. Accessorial activities
Grand friendship reception dinner, investment dialogue of projects contact, on-the-spot investigation, etc…

Initial Agenda




20-22 May 2008 at the Great Hall of the People/Beijing International Conference Centre

20 May,2008

Arrival in Beijing and checking in

20 May,2008

Grand opening ceremony of CHITEC; Scale:5000 people
Interview with top Chinese leaders, world nobles and CEOs of world 500 top enterprises; group photo.
Emcee: Mayor of Beijing; Welcoming speech by Minister of Science and Technology;
Keynote speech: top China leader

21 May,2008









































































Theme: “Cooperation for innovation and harmony for joint success – take the pulse of development and start engine for growth”; outstanding problems and solutions in the fields of information, biotechnology, energy, environment, modern manufacturing, finance, economy, etc. will be the main topics of this Forum.
Chances: The year 2008 will provide important opportunities for development in China, which will stand at the new starting point of the history: hosting Olympics, the 11th 5-year Plan, shifting development and harmonious growth, energy saving and reducing emission by technology innovation, combination of information technology and industrialization, making the industry strong from big, deepen transformation and expand opening, meeting with a new round of global capital shift, etc. All these will provide new chances and markets for global cooperation, sharing business opportunity in China, raise Chinese share in the world economy development and for the interests of the world and enterprises.

Session 1: Keynote speech at the opening ceremony
Theme: Cooperation for innovation and harmony for joint success – take the pulse of development and start engine of growth

Guests invited

Recommended topics

Meeting with State leaders , VIPs and speakers, group photo

Leader Ministry of Science and Technology ( emcee)
Beijing Mayor Welcome Speech
State Leader Keynote Speech (proposed)
High-ranking officials, UN Secretary-General or Under Secretary-General
High-ranking officials, EU President or Vice president
State Officials from France, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, etc
Han Qide, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, PRC
R.K. Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC




Efforts to slow down change of climate in order to protect diversity of life
Strengthen extensive and closer cooperation between China and Europe
Explore ways to reduce emission and energy saving the global construction fields
Enrich contents of scientific cooperation to elevate innovation level
Innovative and environment friendly society

Session 2: Summit of minister and CEOs
Theme 1: Chance of information transform and start engine of enterprise growth

Sponsor Leader Welcome Speech
State Leader Keynote Speech(proposed)
Hamadoun I. Touré, ?Secretary-General of International Telecommunication Union,ITU
Wang Xudong, Minister of Information Industry, China
Ministers of Information from America, Japan, Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc.
Chen Dawei,Deputy Director-General of the State Council Informatization Office, China
Xie Xuren, Minister of Finance, PRC
Su Ning,Vice-governor of the People's Bank of China
Presidents from Microsoft, Hitachi, IBM, AMD, etc.
Presidents from China Mobile, Haier, Legend, etc.
High-ranking leaders from other famous companies
Zhou Hongren, Executive Vice-Director, Advisory Committee for the State Informatization, PRC

Emphasis on independent innovation to promote combined development of industry and information.
Shift of opening and high growth rate stimulate demands for telecom in China.
Applied IT needs optimizing and upgrade of economy structure to increase competition factors.
Strengthen IT application to upgrade traditional industry.
Display the guiding function of government purchase towards independent innovation of IT.
IT and its products used in energy saving and waste reduction.
Construction of digital bank and financial networking.
Effects of innovation in the fields of finance, telecom, energy and environment.
Start up engine of IT reform and value creation.
Choice of CEOs – innovation will lead enterprise from reform to transcend.
Enhance ability of innovation and independent brands of innovation to increase economy power of a nation.

Theme 2: Shift from making to innovation –new chart of optimizing China-make

Kandeh Yumkella, Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Zhang Guobao, Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission, PRC
William. Rotz,President and CEO of America City Bank
Paul Otellini, President and CEO of Intel Corporation
Peter Loescher,CEO of Siemens AG
Hubertus Grunberg, President of ABB Group
Wang Jianzhou, President of China Mobile Group
Tom La Sorda, President and CEO of Chrysler Group
Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, President and CEO of Nokia Corp.
Gerhard J. Neumaier, President of America Ecology and Environment Inc.
Ai Baojun, General Manager of Baoshan Steel Company
V. Leeladhar, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India
Per Carlson, Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee for Physics 2007


Turning point of equipment manufacturing: interaction and combination of service and manufacturing industries.
Status, main issues and development measures of Chinese equipment manufacture.
Strong support from financial innovation for equipment manufacturing enterprises of energy saving and waste reduction.
Arm the modern manufacturing enterprises with information technology.
Speed up spread of advanced and useful technology of energy saving to push forward energy saving and emission reduction.
Guide foreign investment to high end manufacturing actively.
Criterion of auto industry development strategy: auto using clean energy.
Two wheel driven economy growth by manufacturing and service industries.
Billions of business opportunity for recycling economy.
Using the advanced pudding technology for restructuring of steel industry
High value of manufacturing industry
New mode and ways of production for manufacturing industry in the age of knowledge economy.

Theme 3: Raise ability of independent innovation to build a nation of creation

Lu Yongxiang,Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
Deng Nan, Secretary of the Party Group and Vice-President of the China Association for Science and Technology
Li Xueyong,Secretary of the Leading Party Group of Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC
Tian Lipu, Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office
Jiang Zengwei, Vice Minister of Commerce of China
Li Wei,Deputy Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, PRC
Li Yong,Vice Minister of Finance, PRC
Cai Esheng, Deputy Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission
Lin Zuoming,President of China Aviation Industry Corporation I(AVICI)
Luan Enjie,Chief Commander of China's Lunar Orbiter Project
Helge Sander, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation,Danmark
Leaders from well-known enterprises on independent innovation
Zhang Weiying,Famous economist

Speed up the transformation of self intellectual property from knowledge and technology.
High-tech industry will lead traditional industry to higher end production.
Good policy will lead China independent brand to the world.
High speed to form innovation system and mechanism.
China on higher level with independent innovation in moon project.
Independent innovation of the bio-industry
Independent innovation will break the bottleneck information technology.
Independent research and industrialization of auto using less and clean energy.
Optimizing medicine industry and its structure and nurture national pharmacy and its ability for innovation.
Government purchase will turn to national brands in general.

Briefing: Chinese government will invest RMB 23.5 billion to help energy saving and emission reduction, which will be carried out on responsibility system to examine officials at all level and this will create an industrial chain of combination between government and enterprises. Progressive technology will become the key point of energy saving and reduce emission. Explore market system for energy saving and reduce emission, for which good environment of policy will be built up.

Session 3: summit of provincial governors and municipal mayors with CEOs—a special session of energy saving and emission reduction, recycle economy, new energy, reproducible and clean energy

Theme 1: technology and innovation will push forward energy saving and emission reduction

Welcoming speech by host
State Leader Keynote Speech (proposed)
Achim Steiner,UNEP Executive Director
Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank
Colin Heseltine, Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat
Minister of Environment from Sweden, the Netherlands, America, France, etc.
Haruhiko Kuroda, President of Asian Development Bank
Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the World Conservation Union (IUCN)
Bendt Bendtsen Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, Demark
Wang Guangtao,Minister of Construction, PRC
Xie Zhenhua,Deputy Director General of National Development and Reform Commission, PRC
You Quan, Chairman of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission
Yu Guangzhou, Vice Minister of Commerce, PRC
Qu Weizhi, Executive Vice Minister of State Council Informatization Office, PRC
Zhang Lijun, Vice Minister of the State Environmental Protection Administration, PRC
Xie Fuzhan, Commissioner of National Bureau of Statistics, PRC
Presidents from Veolia, DuPont, Siemens and other well-known enterprises
Richard R. Schrock,Winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Speed up system of utilizing energy resources scientifically and reasonably.
Developed countries ought to provide funds to developing countries in Asia for their projects of emission reduction.
Strengthen technology cooperation to cope with jointly the challenge of environment and energy supply.
Europe will support developing countries for energy saving and emission reduction by technology and funds.
Innovative financial system for clean energy projects in China.
Strengthen cooperation research and innovation on energy saving, environment and low carbon energy technology.
Perusal of the road of energy saving and Emission reduction of world city building.
Promote management and transform of energy
Saving in the large public building.
Inaugurate measures of energy saving and emission reduction in logistic service.
Shift of development mode and build a harmonious grid.
High-tech manufacturing and research work will be focused on energy saving and emission reduction.
Joint efforts for the solution of change of global climate.

Theme 2. New energy, reproduced and clean energy by technology innovation.

Kemal Dervis, Administrator of UNDP
Francois J. Bourguignon, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank
Kandeh Klloeh Yumkella, Director-General of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Claude Mandil, ?Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Abdalla Salem el-Badri, Secretary General of OPEC
Xu Dianming, Deputy Director of State Energy Office, PRC
Ministers of Energy from US, UK, France, India, Japan, etc.
Oil Ministers from Saudi Arab, Venezuela
Presidents from Mobil, Shell, Total, Shenhua Group and other well-known enterprises
Presidents from the energy investment groups
Gabor Somorjai,Nobel Prize Winner
Gerhard Ertl, Winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Strengthen collaboration for energy and realize common development.
World bank will support Chinese projects for new energy and regenerated energy.
Enhance cooperation with world technology for regenerated energy resources.
Policy guide for energy saving and efficient use of energy.
Promote atomic energy, wind power, bio-energy, solar energy and other clean electricity generation.
More technology support to saving energy resources
Government and enterprises work together to foster industrial chain of energy saving and emission reduction.
Build up safe and clean energy system for sustained development.
Meeting with world energy challenge by independent innovation of technology and progress.
Exploit coal bed gas and liquidation of coal
Exploit new technology for energy saving and usage.
On investment strategy for energy, emission reduction, new and clean energy.
Surface science and technology will be the best agent for energy transform.

22 May


























Session 4:Summit of merchants and scholars
Theme 1. New starting point to carry on global industry and capital shift


State Leader (Name to be confirmed)
Ken Livingston,Mayor of London
Cao Jianlin,Vice-Minister of Science and Technology, PRC
Wu Xiaoqing,Vice Minister of the State Environmental Protection Administration, PRC
John Thain,CEO of Merrill Lynch
Catherine Bréchignac, President of the National Center for Scientific Research of France
John Allen,President of Manchester Science Park, UK
Niu Wenyuan,Chief Scientist of China Sustainable Development Strategy Research Group, and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences

Build world class high-tech park and innovation park.
Innovation and creation- Chin’s new high-tech park development mode.
Actively explore new ways of building bio-industry park.
Financial support and park development, risk investment and silicon park development.
Positive government and innovation park
Innovation is the soul of high-tech park.
Healthy and perfect innovation system to meet with shift of industry.

●New projects ● Investment ●Inspection ?● New announcement

Theme 2. build up regional bio-friendly for harmonized development

State Leader (Name to be confirmed)
Noeleen Heyzer, United Nations Under Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
Luo Haocai,Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Mao Rubai,Chairman of Environment and Resources Protection Committee of NPC, PRC
Bi Jingquan,Vice Chairman of the National Reform and Development Commission
Governors from Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan, etc.
Mayors from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc.
Wu Jisong,Famous economist on circular economy

Regional advantage and international cooperation.
New way to build a community of energy saving and environment friendly.
Cooperation of energy saving and emission reduction
Using lever of pricing to quicken process of energy saving and emission reduction.
New methods for building up bio-city and increasing importance of city.
Push forward resources recycling system in key areas.

Theme 3. reform and innovation of finance help development of high-tech enterprises

Dominique Strauss-Kahn,President of International Monetary Fund organization
Zhou Xiaochuan,President of People's Bank of China
Liu Mingkang,Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission
Zhang Xiaoqiang,Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission, PRC
Shao Ning,Vice Chairman of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, PRC
Tu Guangshao, Vice Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission
Shang Yong,Vice Minister of Science and Technology, PRC
Liao Xiaojun, Vice Minister of Finance, PRC
Pan Yue,Vice Minister of the State Environmental Protection Administration, PRC
Gao Hucheng,Vice Minister of Commerce, PRC
Xia Bin,President of the Institute of Finance, the Development Research Centre of the State Council

Stable finance and sustained development of Chinese economy.
More channels of financing for direct investment of high-tech enterprises.
Improve financial services for the high-tech enterprises.
Policy explanation for support medium and small enterprises.
Push forward reform and restructuring of public enterprises.
Display market function of capital and support development of high-tech units.
More support to independent innovation with funds.
Utilize financial market to support projects of energy saving.
Provide funding for the “going out” enterprises.
Fully utilize multi layer capital market to make enterprises become big and strong.
Financial system to support enterprises of independent innovation and self brands.

Session 5. Summit of joint efforts for new Eco-city
Theme: chances for city in the time of environment

State Leader (Name to be decided)
Anna Tibaijuka,Executive Director of
United Nations Human Settlements Programme
David Gottfried, President of World Green Building Councils, USA
Lee Hsien Loong , Premier of Singapore
Jean-Claude Juncker, Chairman of Euro Group
Dai Xianglong,Mayor of Tianjin City
Governors from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, etc.
Mayors from Xi'an, Suzhou, Wuxi, etc.
Lim Chee Onn, Executive Director of Keppel Land Group
Zhang Bingjun, General Manager of TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd.
Yoichi Morishita, Chairman of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Lee Kun Hee,Chairman of Sumsung Group
Bob Greifeld, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc

Zoology city: doing trial of zoology and civilization project.
Construct buildings of harmony and good environment for mankind.
Joining efforts for a city of harmony, good environment and energy saving
Zoology city provides new power to development of the Bohai rim areas.
Explore for future zoology city development
Responsibility and function of government for building zoology city and environment protection.
Function extension of zoology for new modes of construction of zoology city.
Government business investment guides funds to help Chinese economy growth.
Environment responsibility of enterprises- to build zoology city with advanced technology.
To build world class zoology city with high-tech and recycling economy.


Theme1. on high-tech park


Theme2. on multinationals

19:30-21:30 Grand party or dinner

                   Above agenda will be subject to change from time to time.

Supplementary specification of some topics above:
world’s business leaders---a strategic choice of winning 100billion worth of market value in 2008
Making contributions to jointly build up a resource saving and environmental friendly harmonious society
◆Cooperation for innovation and harmony for joint success---- grabbing impulse of development, starting engine to push forward economic growth
It is a great strategic measure of the time to build up a harmonious world, realize sustainable development, transform economic structure from extensive form to quality and effective form as well as achieve the goal of better and faster development of economy and society. We should not lose time to grab the big development business opportunity during transformation period, inject endless power to realize new economic growth of enterprises and strengthen scien-tech cooperation. Scien-tech innovation upgrades and improves industrial structure. High-tech should be used to promote energy saving and emission reduction, jointly construct a ecological harmonious world, innovate cooperative mode, expand cooperative areas, deepen cooperative content and realize joint success and common development.
◆“grabbing opportunities of information innovation-- starting engine to push forward economic growth of enterprises”
"Development of modern industrial system and vigorously promoting the integration of IT and industrialization, and making industries strong from big” has been highlighted in the report of 17th National Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC). The year 2008 is the key year of implementing and accomplishing the information industry plan of 11th “Five-year plan”. During that period, added value of China’s information industry is due to increase to 2600 billion RMB in 2010, compared with 1320 billion RMB in 2005 with an annual increase of 15%. The added value of China’s information industry will occupy 10% of China’s GDP. The export volume of electronic products will remain around 35% of the whole national export trade volume. The contribution of information industry to national economy is continually increasing. By the year 2010, national telephone users will reach 1billion among which new landline users will increase 9.6 million annually and reach 0.4 billion by the year 2010, while mobile phone users will remain rapid growth with an annual increase of 42million new users and will amount to 0.6 billion by the year 2010.As for the development of internet users, it will continue growing with an ever-increasing speed and will reach 0.2 billion by the year 2010, almost double of the users now. It is predicted that market value of informationization will reach 381.7 billion by the year 2007 with an annual increase of 40%-60% in the next few years. Informationization in the industry brings new business opportunities. Traditional industry are reformed and upgraded by informationization in the field of finance, manufacture, energy, electricity, education, rural areas, health and medical community, transportation logistics, etc; digital city, digital Olympics, e-government and information technology. Innovation of information technology provides the biggest business opportunities by promoting energy saving and emission reduction.

●Summit of ministers and CEOs
Theme、“Improving creation ability, building up a innovative nation
This theme is discussed on the Forum in order to boost formation and improvement of innovation policy, create a good development environment for high-tech innovative enterprises and provide strong preferential policy support such as finance, fiscal leverage and government purchase. It will also promote enterprises to deploy ahead of time in strategic area, drive industrial growth by technological breakthrough, provide support for scien-tech innovation in the area of energy and resources, as well as break the bottleneck and construct ecological civilization, provide strategic suggestions for mastering law of development, innovating development ideas and solving development problems. We should seize and take advantage of the strategic opportunity of scien-tech development in the important transcendence period, make full use of scien-tech's support and leading role in the development of economy and society as well make new contributions to build up an innovative nation.

●Summit of governors and CEOs——escorting energy saving and emission reduction
Theme1: scien-tech innovation promotes energy saving and emission reduction
Theme2: scien-tech innovation speeds up development of new energy, renewable energy and clean energy
In the state economic work conference,it is clear to point out that the state will make great efforts to ensure that "energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction" will have been made great progress. In 2008, energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction will be prominent in all the work of all levels of government, so a national campaign on energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission has started. Summit of governors and CEOs held on this Forum will invite global leading enterprises and financial investment organizations with advanced technology of energy saving and environmental protection to contact effectively with provincial overall strategy deploy and key projects. It is also to ensure accomplishment the index stipulated in 11th "Five-year Plan" for jointly success.
Ministry of finance: Technological improvement is the key point of pushing forward energy saving and emission reduction. International loan and index purchase investment also play an important role. This Forum dedicates to setting up market system and create a favorable policy environment for energy saving and emission reduction. As for greenhouse gases emission control, we should follow the policy of energy saving and effective use, intensify energy saving management, speed up exploration, demonstration and spread of energy saving technology, make full use of the new energy saving system based on market orientation and strives to reduce greenhouse gases emission. We should develop renewable energy vigorously, promote nuclear power construction actively, accelerate exploration and use of coal mine and natural gas, upgrade energy consumption structure, highlight industrial policy of metallurgy, building material, chemical engineering and so on, improve availability of resources as well as control greenhouse gases emission in the process of industrial production. Each country should dedicate to cooperating sincerely to take measures in face of climate change.

●Special session for business elites
Theme1: city’s business opportunities in the time of “Environment”; co-constructing China-Singapore ecological city
Scien-tech innovation speeds up development of new energy, renewable energy and clean energy
China is about to invest 23.5 billion RMB to boost energy saving and emission reduction in 2008. Evaluation will be under the system of Director responsibility which will make government and enterprises jointly build up a recycling industrial chain. In 2008, European Investment Bank will provide 0.5 billion Euro loan to China against climate changes. The total investment of irremovable estate of China-Singapore ecological city in Tianjin amounts to 30 billion RMB. Domestic use of water in this city will all be desalinated seawater or resurgent water. All sewage will be discharged after being handled in sewage treatment plants. Water, electricity, gas and heat in this city will make full use of renewable sources and new technology to transform waste water and filthy waste to “treasure”. Since waste and resources are recycled, it will reduce energy consumption to the largest extent and insure “zero-emission” of waste water, gas and material. Extension of light rail entering into the city and digital transport structure will reduce pollution brought by private cars to the utmost extent. According to the planning, the total discharge amount of carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles in this city will not reach half of the amount of most cities. That will open a wide market for technology and products of environmental protection. It will also attract foreign technology and investment to integrate resources in the city and bring area economic effect. This ecological city will be constructed under the mode of duplicable, expandable and extendible while first setting up a sample project. Therefore, the ecological project will be the prior choice of international financing, technology and project investment with huge potential of business opportunities in future markets.

Theme2:a new starting point:Recreating a new glory of “selecting business, attracting intellectuals” of high-tech parks
High-tech parks have made great contributions to China's high-tech industry, industrial restructuring, reform of traditional industry, improving China's international competitivity by taking innovation as motive power and by pushing forward development by reform. They have been becoming areas with rich achievements of high-tech transformation, assembling of high-tech and private enterprises, strong innovative environment and keen concern of financial resources. They have taken good teaching, leading and --roles in China's modernization drive. As high-tech parks with industrial assembling advantage and high level ecological industrial chain, China’s 53 high-tech parks brought a total amount of 4332 billion RMB incomes in the year 2006. The industrial gross output value reached 3589.9 billion RMB, during which 852 billion RMB was increased value, taking up 9.4% of the total industrial increased value in China. Among those 21 high-tech parks’ industrial increased value occupied over 30% of the whole city. The developing trend and overall scale of high-tech parks has been a hotspot of global industry.

The Forum will plump and promote the work of “selecting business, attracting intellectuals” for high-tech parks. It will spread to the world the huge development opportunities included in China’s high-tech parks by its powerful international website and propaganda. Special session of “selecting business, attracting intellectuals”, project contact, investment discussion will be held on this Forum. That will push forward high-tech park’s better and faster development to a new peak.

●Biological technology generates new development
Biological technology generates new industrial trend and economic growth point and leads development trend of economy and society. Nowadays, biological economy led by life science and biological technology has become the fastest growing economic area around the globe. During the previous period of 11th “Five-year Plan”, China highlights biological technology and increases research investment annually. Up to now, the total value brought by biological technology industry has reached 460billion RMB. The research achievements of biological technology such as gene engineering medicine, vaccine, diagnosis reagent, have initiated important reform in pharmaceutical industry.